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GMG Plywoods is a reputed manufacturer of a wide range of ply products in Yamuna Nagar, Haryana. The stringent quality controls and an acute focus on raising benchmarks have enabled company to set a place in the market. Our range of Plywoods comprises of Film Faced Shuttering Plywood and Marine Plywood. All our Plywoods are made as per high standards of the industry. Wooden Products offered by us, are highly resistant to termite attack and moisture. GMG Plywood provides architects, builders, interiors and industries in general qualitative and economic solutions to ply products.

Being technology driven company, the plants is equipped with advanced and latest manufacturing and tooling facilities that are constantly upgraded to gain competitive advantage. Company manufacturing its products by using TGP Technology, which makes its brand different from others.

Suggested Uses : Ceilings, door panel inserts, vehicle seats and backs, floor underlay, kitchen furniture, bedrooms, partitions, furniture like chair, study table, dining table, drawers, shelves, racks, cupboards, show cases, etc.

Also available in Indi. Red Ply & White Ply.
  • Film Faced Shuttering Plywood
  • Marine Plywood
  • Veneer Plywood

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Film Faced Shuttering Plywood

Our Film Faced Shuttering Plywood is compact and is made of toughened structural plywood. Film Faced Shuttering Plywood that we offer is highly durable as superior film faced densified shuttering Ply is used to make it. Strength factor of our Film Faced Shuttering Plywood make these withstand heavy load of concrete or


Marine Plywood

We are considered as prominent Manufacturer and Supplier of Marine Plywood in the market. Our Marine Plywood is made from special hardwood veneer, and is further bonded with undiluted phenol formaldehyde resin at very high temperature and pressure conditions.

This process makes our Marine Plywood capable of